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Three 60 system is your one-stop solution in providing your ideal kitchen Exhaust & Ventilation services. We have a dedicated team of experts to provide installation, maintenance and cleaning services for your Kitchen Exhaust and Ventilation system. We offer professional, customized and value-added solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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BizSAFE Level 3 Certified

We are certified by Government in safety. All our technicians are well trained to provide safe installation & repair works.

Fast Response Time

24/7 services. Anytime & Anywhere.

Experience Guarantee

Our installers & technicians have more than 20 years of experience. We do it right the first time.

create a safe & functional kitchen environment

Quality is what we pursue, We are the best at what we do


What WE Do

Your one-stop kitchen exhaust solutions provider in Singapore

Kitchen exhaust hood isolated on white.

New Exhaust System Installation

Our exhaust specialists are experienced and knowledgeable as they advise on the different types and styles of kitchen exhaust suitable for you and provide quality installations.
young foreman standing on ladder and fixing kitchen hood with screwdriver

Exhaust Design & Building

We design and build kitchen exhaust systems that cater to the safety and convenience of our customers. We have a specialized and customizable system to meet your needs.
Cleaning domestic cooker hood grid with pink cloth fiber napkin.

Exhaust Maintenance & Cleaning

Regular maintenance of a kitchen exhaust system will reduce fire hazards. Maintain the exhaust systems at an optimal working level with regular cleaning also reduces fire risks and eliminates foul odors.
Worker installing cooker hood

Exhaust Repair & Replacement

Do you need to replace a new exhaust hood or MV fan? , We provide a 24/7 hassle-free repair & replacement service for commercial kitchens anytime, anywhere.

Fire Suppressions System

It’s essential to take preventive measures when operating an open-fire kitchen. Having a fire suppression system in your kitchen helps you stay compliant while ensuring a safe environment for your staff and customers.
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Fire Rated Duct Work

We provide reliable fire-rated ductwork that is able to resist collapse when exposed to a fire condition, resist penetration from or the escape of flames, and prevent the radiative spread of fire.

We specialize in providing a customizable system for your needs

We take pride in providing you with quality and reliable services to meet your needs and building a long-term relationship with all our customers.